The Consortium

The EVERREST consortium is an academic-industrial collaboration led by University College London together with six other leading EU higher education institutions in the UK, Finland, Germany, Spain and Sweden. The consortium includes two industrial collaborators: FinVector Vision Therapies Ltd, which is responsible for vector manufacture, and Magnus Invention Management Ltd, which has a major focus on translating therapeutics into clinical development and on to commercialisation. The consortium will be managed by Euram, a leading UK based research application and management company.

The final pre-clinical toxicology studies will be concluded by Magnus Invention Management Limited and University of East Finland. Alongside this a programme of work by a leading bioethicist from Queen Mary University of London will engage with stakeholder groups and patients affected by fetal growth restriction to evaluate the ethical and social acceptability of the proposed EVERREST trial.
For the trial the consortium includes four leading fetal medicine centres and academic health science centres across Europe in Sweden (Lund University), Germany (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf), Spain (Hospital Clinic Barcelona and IDIBAPS) and UK (UCL and UCLH) with strong backgrounds in the management of pregnancies affected by severe early onset fetal growth restriction. Women from these centres who present with an affected pregnancy in mid-gestation will be invited to participate in the trial, and the safety and efficacy of the intervention will be studied.

Members of the consortium at the Kick Off Meeting in London