EVERREST Interview Study

We are asking women who have taken part in the EVERREST Prospective Study to consider taking part in a telephone interview to discuss their experiences. The EVERREST Prospective Study collects information and samples from women whose babies are found to be very small on ultrasound scan. For many women this is a difficult and uncertain time.

We would like to ask women about their pregnancy experience and their experience of taking part in a research study during pregnancy.

By carrying out these interviews we hope to:

  1. understand more about the experience of women who have complicated pregnancies

  2. understand more about women’s experience of taking part in research during pregnancy

  3. see if we can improve the way we carry out research during pregnancy

  4. compare the experiences of women taking part in the EVERREST Prospective Study with the experiences of women who take part in the EVERREST Clinical Trial, a trial of maternal gene therapy for early-onset fetal growth restriction which will hopefully be starting in the near future.

Interviews will generally be carried out over the telephone and will take about 45 minutes. If a telephone interview is not possible a face-to-face interview can be arranged. Women who take part in the study will receive a £20 voucher to thank them for their participation.

This aspect of the EVERREST research project is supported by the National Institute for Health Research University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre.